The story of a glass cleaning empire.

My name is Octo. I made BUDDHII Soak & Rinse Cleaner to solve a problem.

If you’re at all like me, you probably have a favorite pipe that you take with you everywhere. I use mine almost every day; over time I have learned just how to hit so I get the perfect toke every time. But with daily use comes daily dirt build-up. My daily toke time was often interrupted by a piece that would clog up and become unhittable.

I have been a long-time smoker, starting in my college days and had developed several methods for cleaning my precious over the years. Sometimes I used twigs, fuzzy pipe cleaners, and toothpicks to scrape away the resin, but this was mostly messy, time-consuming, and left difficult to remove resin stickiness and smell on my fingers.

I used alcohol and salt, which worked pretty good but always still left resin on my fingers, a bad smell in the pipe, and was pretty messy. (Something that many do not realize is that alcohol can actually react with art glass and acrylics colored in certain ways and actually leave a permanent film or frost on the surface.) Same with denture cleaner.

I even tried some of the more famous cleaners at retailers, but everyone I tried left something to be desired. A couple left a greasy residue; some simply failed to clean or were unpleasant smelling.
None of the above were great for re-use.

That’s when I decided I would use my chemistry background for good instead of “breaking into bad things”. IT TOOK ME OVER A YEAR OF TRIAL AND ERROR, BUT FINALLY I ARRIVED AT A FORMULA THAT WAS EARTH FRIENDLY, IDEAL FOR ART OR SCI GLASS, RE-USEABLE, AND HASSLE FREE. I blended and filled the first bottles in my garage. No greasy, sticky, smelly residues left in the pipe or on the hands. It cuts through dirt and grime quickly and rinses away with water. It leaves every piece it touches sparkling and looking brand new.

BUDDHII is truly a superior formula and the entire experience around its use has been designed to leave you extremely satisfied and your piece looking and toking just like the first time… maybe even a little better than the first time.

I know all you need to do is try BUDDHII once and it will change your relationship to pipe keeping your favorite pieces clean forever. Although we stopped blending and bottling in my house long ago, every bottle is still made with a painstaking focus on quality. Your piece deserves no less!