While the Cooperative has evolved and remains an innovative leader in the medical cannabis community, BUDDHII remains true to its Founders' purpose adopted in 2008. BUDDHII members belong to a diverse community of people who share the vision of "Doing Good" and are invested in each other's success, health, and well-being.11

BUDDHII encourages an atmosphere among members that fosters high ideals of friendship, promotes their educational and (horti)cultural  interests, creates a true sense of social responsibility and develops the best qualities of character while facilitating member access to high quality cultivated medicinal cannabis. Every member is unique and yet they all share a single bond of friendship through BUDDHII.

BUDDHII is more than just a medical marijuana collective or cooperative experience; every patient who enters in pain and leaves in comfort serves as a testament to a lifetime of commitment, support and opportunity for each and every one of us  who, as patient members, serve as enlightened ambassadors for those of us who choose cannabis as a natural remedy and all those who might be made better through introduction to it.

Over the past few years, BUDDHII has evolved into an organization that prides itself on providing the most progressive and effective programs and services to our members.

Vision Statement

Provide access to all products, services and solutions, to ensure the wellness and competitive success of our membership.

Mission Statement

BUDDHII enhances member profitability by lowering the cost of doing business; offering products and services; and, supporting legislative advocacy.

Core Values - PRIDE

Each day, BUDDHII's employees-members demonstrate the principles of our core values of PRIDE.

Partnership - We value our partners who team with us to create success for our members.

Respect - We treat each other; employees, members, vendors and community with courtesy, dignity and trust.

Integrity - We demonstrate honesty and fairness in everything that we do. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Dynamic - We will constantly strive to bring added value and positive change to the pharmacy profession with the most progressive programs available.

Excellence - We are committed to the highest standards through teamwork and innovation in all that we do.