As a member of the BUDDHII Cooperative, you are an important part of our growing community of medical cannabis patients and advocates. Membership responsibilities are important for ensuring the BUDDHII Cooperative stays open and is able to continue serving our member’s needs.

Being a member of the BUDDHII Cooperative means that you have the RIGHT to:

  • Be treated with respect and compassion by the BUDDHII Cooperative staff and fellow members.
  • Access responsibly cultivated, quality therapeutic cannabis, free of contaminants.
  • Be assisted by a knowledgeable, caring staff on the type of cannabis that fits your needs.
  • Participate in our compassion programs on an as needed basis.
  • Attend and have a vote at the annual member meeting held on April 20th of every year.
  • Offer comments and suggestions to the Board of Directors on how we can improve our cooperative.
  • Participate in our various member services, classes and volunteer opportunities.

Becoming a member also means that you have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Treat the BUDDHII Cooperative staff and fellow members with respect and compassion.
  • Never resale or divert any medical cannabis products you receive from our cooperative.
  • Follow all current and future community codes of conduct set forth by the BUDDHII Cooperative.
  • Maintain a valid doctor’s recommendation and a valid membership to the cooperative.
  • Be a positive role model in the therapeutic cannabis community at large.
  • Be aware that your actions as a member of the medical cannabis community reflect on all of us, including our Cooperative.